Soulmates and Other Weird Concepts


EDIT: I wrote this on a whim. I didn’t pay any attention to grammar or things like that. This post literally is kind of like a public diary post that probably doesn’t make sense to anyone except myself.


The idea of soulmates has been a weird topic roaming my mind lately. I believe soulmates come in many different ways. I’m a strong believer that some people enter your life for a reason. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic way (because honestly, I haven’t experienced that yet), I really do believe some of my friends are my soulmates.

Soulmates is when you feel a connection with someone and it’s an unexplainable feeling. You just know it.

I believe that soulmates in the terms of friends is definitely a real concept. Im iffy on the idea that there is one person romantically that is your soulmate.

Sometimes I’m like: LOL there’s no way that there could be one person that you’re meant to love. hhahahahahagdgjvahufg only hopeless romantics would believe in that.

Other days I’m like: You definitely have a soulmate. They could be in another state or country, but they were made for you. Some people would say “What if you’re soulmate doesn’t speak your language?” or “What if your soulmate dies before you meet them?” Well obviously, they’re not your soulmate then. I truly believe if you have a soulmate then how would someone be your soulmate if you’ve never met them? A soulmate is literally meant to be in your life and if they’re not in your life, they’re not your soulmate. Like you could have someone you truly, truly love but it doesn’t mean that their your soulmate. I don’t know man, like the title says this is all about weird concepts that I could go on about for forever.

IDK MAN, I just like to think that there are people out there are meant to be in your life.


Although, I do think the term soulmate can only be applied to a few people in my life… I do think there are people who you were meant to meet, whether they were a positive or negative addition.

There’s definitely people you meet that are meant to teach you a lesson. You may hate their guts but you were meant to meet them. It doesn’t always mean they will be in your life forever, but they will always be someone you remember whether you like it or not.

There was this person person in my life that taught me that not everyone that calls themselves your “friend” is actually your friend. For a good six months I completely despised this person but now, I’m a little more mature, a little more grown up, and I know that it was meant to happen. I’m not angry about it anymore,  I’ve learned that unfortunately  this person was meant to be in my life.

I’ve learned from Esmeralda, Alejandra, and Kate that they’re are people who love you for who you are whole heartedly. There are people who literally give you a feeling of contentment. I’d like to believe they’re my soulmates but in a few years time, I don’t know what will happen.

The reason I’m writing this (I guess) is because I’ve had this weird thing that has been happening to me for most of my life (or maybe because I’m listening to Troye and he always gets me in my feelings). I’ve had this thing where two people in particular have been in my dreams in multiple occasions. It’s not that they play a big role in my dreams or even in my life, but they somehow are in my dreams. It’s… a really weird concept to explain. It’s not like this has recently just happened, it’s been happening for ten years. Anyways, these two people aren’t in my life currently but they are in my dreams (I’m actually laughing right now, thinking about how weird this sounds). Every time I do see them though, I get this feeling- I don’t want to describe it as weird- but that’s the only thing I can think of at the moment. I don’t know.. I just have this part of me that feels like they’re meant to be I’m my life. It’s literally the hardest thing to explain and it just sounds so ridiculous.

Anyways thanks for reading about this really bizarre thought that I decided to put into words. You can find me anywhere under my “Contact” bar.






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