Honestly, I’m not sure what to write about right now, but I made a promise that I’d post at least once a month. And well… its 9:39 PM on February 28th.

I’ve been thinking about the word distance lately. Two things come to mind, physical distance and emotional distance. I realized that I’ve been putting a lot of emotional distance between myself and other people. I think it might be a subconscious thing. Maybe it’s because I know everyone is going to college in 6 months and even sooner, we’re graduating. People are going to move away and people who I’ve thought that would never leave my side, will be. It’s not like I’m angry about it, it’s just that I’ve come to a realization.

No, this doesn’t mean I’m going drop my friends and stop trying to keep in contact with them during college… I just subconsciously feel like I’m keeping distance to make it e a s i e r. Like.. if I keep distance now, then it won’t feel as bad in the future. I know this is a very bad approach to things but it’s a defense mechanism in a way.

I’m really trying to stop doing this.


That’s all for today. I have to study… see you… next week?¬



Shoutout to Buri. I love you, thanks for always reading my dramatic posts. You’re the truest friend I’ve ever had. Imagine I inserted little hearts here.


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