Writing about you, is one of the most terrifying things I could ever do.

How did something so insignificant make such an impact on me?

Your hand in my hand, was one of the best feelings I could have ever felt. No, there wasn’t a spark like they say in the books but, it was just your hand in my hand. The simplicity of it all, I think that’s what made it beautiful. The warmth that you provided, not just physically but also emotionally.

I think I knew at the moment that you would be someone very significant because how could anyone make me feel this way just by the touch of their skin?

And man, how have I been missing out on this for so long.

Now, I’m just anticipating the day your hand passes through my hair. Or when it is more than just hands touching.

It’s so terrifying realizing that you have this effect on me. I feel so vulnerable, so open, I’ve never let anyone this close to me before.

And in the end, I know we won’t end up together. My friends know it, your friends know it, but honestly, in this moment, I don’t care if I end up broken. It was well worth the feelings that you gave me.


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